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wind portrait

a participant's image is captured

north east wind blows away the image

nyc digital portraits powered by the wind
video clip MOB (quicktime)
video clip 2 MOB (quicktime)

Real-time nyc wind data 'dissipates' the pixels of a digital portrait, creating a hybrid portrait of the person and the nyc wind as its measured at that moment.
A digital image of the participant is captured and projected (pictured above), then real time dynamic wind data measured in Central Park is captured and the image is digitally manipulated. The result is mesmerizing, as the pixels of the photograph are "blown" off or around the screen in accordance with the current velocity and direction of the wind.

Using Perl to scrape data coming from Belvedere Castle in Central Park, one of the oldest weather stations in America. I collected data, which I then ported into a Java based application written with Processing. The final set up included a video capture, projector and G4 apple computer.

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