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Marta Lwin 
151 Kent Ave
Unit 215
Brooklyn NY 11211
tel 917 627 6127
marta (at) martalwin (dot) com

Marta Lwin is an Artist, Interactive Designer, Project Manager, and Creative Director. 
She has pioneered interactive design both on-line and in physical environments, creating 
innovative emotive new media expriences. Awarded a Turbulence Art Commission in 2006, 
she has exhibited widely in the US and Europe, including at Chelsea Museum, 
Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, and Newcastle Science Museum. 
Her work has appeared in the international media including Engadget, Core77, 
Treehugger, Cool Hunting, MocoLoco, WorldChanging, Rhizome, and We Make Money Not Art. 
Her clients include Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, and Morgan Stanley, LwinDesign, 
Greenpeace, and UNEP. 
Lwin holds a Masters degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU,
Full CV avaiable on request. marta (AT) martalwin (DOT) com

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