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Grand Re-canyon

Grand Re-canyon is an interactive live web cam feed (from the south rim of the grand canyon national park) projected installation

Grand Re-canyon combines a live web cam feed with interactivity to create an ephemeral landscape of real time and past images of the grand canyon. As visitor stands in front of a projected live web cam feed, with a camera above detecting their movement the image transforms by revealing sequential earlier times of day. As the person or people move in front of the the projection, their motion correlates with the speed of the 'degradation' of the top most image, and every consequent image beneath it. Over time each image 'disappears' till the final image is revealed. The program then resets and refreshes itself, and the topmost image fades back. The landscape is never the same, and the elapsed real time images, continually update. This piece looks specifically at the idea of landscape as a cultural construct.

Using a custom written java web cam image scraper, I collected live web cam feed images, and stored a weeks worth of 15 min intervals, of the images. They continually refreshed and dumped older images. Using another custom written java based program, I used an overhead camera to detect motion. Lastly, I wrote a java based algorithm to reveal sequential images, in a painterly manner, using transparency and fade.

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